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New quarter, new beginning

Let's see if I can get this daily post thing into a habit again.

My classes have mostly been in the "2nd quarter slump" - as the kids explained it, the first quarter you try hard, to impress the teachers. Then you figure you got it in the bag and you slump the 2nd quarter. Then you look at your 2nd quarter grades and go, "Shit!!" and try hard again. And then, it's 4th quarter, or rather 16th and final, of your life in high school. You've been accepted to college, or Market Basket, as the case may be, and are practically home free. It's not that it's hard to concentrate, it's that you can't find the school building all of a sudden.

I'm pretty sure there was a severe slump - the faces as they were taking their finals were the "Shit!!" ones, and the blocks that already took theirs last Thursday were on their best behavior today. Let's see how long this lasts. And how many pens I'll need to grade their finals.

On the other hand, I learned about online HW at the faculty mtg, which would be awesome for honors kids. I'll pilot it starting next quarter.


The conversation went 90% like that

Me: No, you can't make a slingshot for your project.
Student: It won't fire anything sharp. It'll be blunt.
Me: A blunt?? No, you can't make a blunt either!
Student: Why not, it'll be an adult toy.
Me: There are students under 18 in this class, you know.



Whiny little snots

I'm starting to seriously dislike my honors class. At least the clique who went to my boss without talking to me first and started complaining that their cumulative final grades were too low, so that now he's making some choices for me. Not a happy camper right now.

I hate underhanded behavior, I hate people who don't take responsibility for their own mistakes, and I hate the "do you know who I am" attitude. Tomorrow I have them for last block of the day. I have to make sure I don't say anything I'll regret over the break, giving them another reason to go complain.




Yakkety Yak

Yelled at my last block of the day to SHUT UP! Brand new material, not review, rehash, or problem solving. Stuff that hasn't crossed their little peabrains, and they need to blab and blab all the way through it, so loud I can't hear the kid in the back asking a question, even though in 20 minutes they'll be out with no school the next day. Bah! No discipline!

And no, it wasn't the cheerleaders. It was the varsity football players.


Grades due today

Last week was incredibly busy with review, finals, labs, and to top it off a pep rally the last block on Friday. The class officers bowled with a turkey, and volunteer teachers, most from the science department, got to joust students.

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How did I, after running from physics and engineering for most of my academic career, such as it was, become a physics teacher? And apparently I'm the perfect choice to start a new physics elective in engineering, a Museum of Science curriculum. Well, we'll see if it pans out first, but I'm kinda getting excited.


Gave birth

My student delivered a healthy little girl, naturally. Her math teacher, with whom she has a very good relationship, will be tutoring her in most subjects. I had class with the teacher today so we got to chat a bit. The student thinks she can return to school in two weeks, silly girl. Oh, and the baby's name is a word spelled backwards.


Chicken. Head. Off.

Last week of the term at work, we're up to our ears in housework (getting the kids' room hardwooded) and too many birthday parties plus halloween last weekend all add up to the fact that I cannot put any coherent thoughts together.

Tomorrow, I will spend three hours sitting in the auditorium with the rest of the faculty, supposedly contributing ideas for our school's mission statement. Well, shit, I left the office culture pretty quickly, and here it is biting me on the brain. I'm planning to sit in the back and quickly skim the article I'm supposed to read for the next portion of my ELL course, which will take three more hours plus a "working lunch". And if I'm lucky, I'll have the opportunity during at least some of those hours, to grade the giant bunch of projects the kids handed in. Last year it was barely a third of the students, this year it's close to ninety percent. I did a good job?!


Jersey Shore

Having no TV, and no desire to watch the show, I learned a great deal about it from the kids' costumes today. T-shirt time my ass. The senior class adviser REALLY needs to be changed.

Well, tomorrow is Halloween costume day, should be interesting. I wonder if the kids will be able to concentrate looking at my costume, and if the shield and the bracer will get in the way of writing on the board.