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A case of the Tuesdays

This year the two days I teach 5 classes and have only one prep are Tuesdays and Fridays. Fridays aren't as bad, since I have 3 in a row in the morning, lunch, prep, and two short blocks left. Tuesdays, though, I have two long blocks, prep, lunch, and then 3 in a row. And I'm usually pretty pooped by the time I leave, since it's also Science Club day (today was also end of term because of snow days) and then I take Ali to gymnastics; we're home hopefully by 6:15, and it's nearly time to eat & sleep.

And I had a hard day today, since some block 7 cherubs were being total butts and pressed my buttons. So I feel all achy for some reason and can't get the grading I should be doing done, which will only make tomorrow harder. And I'll have to tell one of the blocks I don't have their exam grades, and 'I'll have it tomorrow', and they won't believe me and be all pissy.

I hate Tuesdays.